Why I Write About Love Without Borders

our heart shaped worldWhen I was sixteen years old, I fell in love with Tommy Leibowitz. Here I was, a chubby black girl from the caribbean, head over heels for the Jewish son of our town’s local anchorman. And I’m pretty sure he felt the same way. You’d think that the biggest barrier to us being together would be the racial, social, and economic differences between us. No, it was simpler than that. Much simpler.

What kept us apart was us. We let our differences speak louder than we did. Tommy and I talked about everything under the sun except for how we felt about each other.

We went about our lives, catching up over the years at various reunions. Checking in occasionally on Facebook, and wondering what if. What if?

I write about love without borders because that’s the world I long for. Whether those borders are geographic, racial, or socioeconomic, they are, at their root, superficial. They represent barriers that can be surmounted in our quest for love.

So I write about love without borders because I’ve experienced how wonderful, and scary, and life changing it can be.  And I want to share that experience with my readers.


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